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1831 Line 1 N, Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada
Farm: 705-726-5225
Mobile: 705-794-5944
email: jeff@relhok.ca
Mon - Fri: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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Relhok Hats & Bags
Relhok Carriage Co.

Relhok Farm
A family run, private, state of the art, training facility located just mintes from Barrie. Although specializing in Carriage Driving fo both pleasure and combined driving compatitions, other disciplnes such as riding are also being trained here. The facility has been breeding and producing quality competitors for over 20 years. Lead Trainer Jeffrey Kohler is well known for his attention to detail, discipline and traditional knowldge base.

Relhok Carriage Company Ltd. (RCC)
Established in 2002, out of necessity from not being able to find just the right carriage for a fair right price. RCC both builds custom carriages and restores precious antiques to their historical glory. 

Relhok Hats & Bags (RHB)   http://www.relhokhatsandbags.com/
As part of RCC, RHB started as a friendly bet between Jeffrey and his sister Amy. At just 16 years of age, she started competing as a junior at various pleasure driving competitions. A common appointment required for ladies is a traditional dress hat, when Amy wanted to purchase a new one for OVER $400, Jeff said no way you will grow out of that soon enough, for that price I can make you 2 or 3!! His big mouth got him in trouble, but sure enough he was able to produce 2 for just UNDER $400! Once Amy hit the scene, many competitors asked her about the hat. Jeff started getting custom order requests, and so it began. Today Relhok Hats and Bags has evolved from only one off custom orders to an assortment that can continue to be customized, the addition of the handbags was due to customer requests for other stylish, fashion forward, quality, classic products. Currently carrying the Cavalinho designs from Portugal, we're always looking for just the right products and services to put in front of our customer. Today, we've dedicated a seperate website and solcial media sites to RHB!